What are the Consequences of Not Maintaining Your A/C?

Living in Jacksonville we understand that a well maintained air conditioner is a necessity to help combat the heat of living in the sunshine state. However due to the fact that the air conditioner is “out of site out of mind,” we tend to neglect it. Typically we don’t even think about our ac unit until there is a problem, and then it becomes the most important item to fix. As homeowners it is extremely important to have your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis. This is important not only to keep the air conditioner running efficient, but it is also important for your health and the health of your family.

Common Health Hazards Due to Poor Maintenance:

Improper or poor maintenance of air conditioning systems can lead to health hazards.  As ac units are an effective way to circulate air throughout a given space, this unfortunately means that these hazards are also effective in spreading pollutants throughout an entire workplace, room or home.

These contaminants in your air conditioning systems can cause or further contribute to a number of different problems, which include (asthma, allergies and sinusitis) just to name a few. These problems are often due to poor or improper cleaning of the air conditioning system, leading to dust, dirt, and allergens being circulated around your home or office.

Benefits to Properly Maintaining Your Air Conditioner
  1. System Efficiency: As with everything mechanical it has to be maintained and serviced to run properly. If you neglect your air conditioner and don’t service it for a year it can lose 1 percentage of its energy efficiency, in turn cost you more money.
  2. Less Repairs: Regular tune-ups and service is a pro-active approach to keep your ac system running efficiently. It will also help you discover issues that maybe occurring without your knowledge.
  3. System Longevity: Replacing an air conditioner is not what most people want to spend their money on, as it is a large investment. This is why regular maintenance is so important as to extend the life of the unit.
  4. Health: A properly maintained air conditioner can limit allergens circulating through the air and decrease the effects of these allergens on your body.

Your air conditioning system should have a routine maintenance service at least once a year. If not, twice a year for each season (heating and air conditioning). A certified Jacksonville Air Conditioning  technician only needs around an hour or so to do a full inspection, tune-up, and cleaning to see that the AC unit is running efficiently. If you are looking to arrange for annual maintenance for your air conditioner, or if you need repairs done for a faulty cooling system, you can call on A-Affordable Air today to have everything taken care of properly. Below is the 21 point inspection we go through for our Air Conditioning Service.

At A-Affordable Air we take a 21 point inspection for every tune-up service:
  1. Calibrate and level thermostat
  2. Clean filters as needed
  3. Monitor volts/amps on fan motor
  4. Lubricate and inspect bearings for wear
  5. Check indoor coil if accessible
  6. Flush/treat condensate drain with anti-algae
  7. Inspect condenser coil
  8. Monitor operating pressure of refrigerant for maximum efficiency
  9. Inspect safety devices for proper operation
  10. Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation
  11. Tighten all electrical connections
  12. Test/inspect compressor contactor for burned, pitted contacts
  13. Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring
  14. Test and inspect capacitors
  15. Inspect fan blade
  16. Clean condenser coil and remove debris if needed
  17. Inspect service valves for proper operation
  18. Measure temperature difference – supply/return
  19. Monitor compressor for proper amperage, volt draw & wiring connections
  20. Clean debris from around the condenser
  21. Wash filters as needed or (upon request provide new filters) at a small additional fee.

If you are in need of air conditioning service, repair or installation call A-Affordable Air today for all of your air conditioning needs (904) 771-0550.